Hemp Oil

The BioLux organic hemp oil is produced from hemp seeds through a cold-press procedure. Hemp oil is a good source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. It is also a rich source of vitamin E. With its well-rounded nutty flavour and emerald-green colour, the product provides a unique oil for daily consumption.
User manual
We recommend you consume a teaspoon of hemp oil every morning on an empty stomach, even mixing it into your juice or spreads. It can also be added to salads, pasta, potatoes, etc.

Walnut oil

It has a characteristic golden colour, a mild taste and a pleasant smell. To obtain a litre of cold pressed walnut oil, we need 2-3 kilograms of walnut kernels in quantity. If it is really cold pressed, we can recognize by smell - the smell of raw walnuts!
User manual
2 tablespoons before meals (1 tablespoon = 14 g)

Linseed oil

Linseed is a plant that is versatile usable and known all over the world. With linseed oil we can replace without problems other vegetable oils. Most often it is used in preparation of cold dishes for all types of salad and sauces but also as an addition to warm, cooked dishes. ALA helps maintain normal cholesterol levels in blood. A useful effect is achieved by daily intake of 2 g ALA.
User manual
3 tablespoons before meals (1 tablespoon = 14 g)

Black caraway oil

A direct translation of the Arabic name of the plant means "consecrated seeds". It mainly flourishes in the Mediterranean, most of it is grown in India, Egypt and Turkey, and the finest quality comes from Egypt. Its seeds taste slightly bitter and spicy and they smell like fennel or anise. The use of black caraway is indispensable in the cuisine and it is a great spice for a wide variety of dishes from cabbage, potatoes to various sauces and it also enriches the taste of salads and soups.

Apricot oil

Apricot oil is experiencing a renaissance in modern times, a revival, as we rediscover the natural wealth of this aromatic oil fluid, which was discovered thousands of years ago. It has a special flavour, which is why it is also used in cooking and not just in cosmetics. It has an excellent absorption into the skin and leaves no greasy traces or a feeling of greasiness
User manual
2 tablespoons before meals (1 tablespoon = 14 g)

Coconut oil - extra virgin

Extra virgin coconut oil gives it a distinctive and unhealthy taste. Coconut oil is oxidized at high temperatures and is therefore suitable for use in wok, Asian cuisine and other foods that are prepared at high temperatures. It replaces the cooking oil. You can also use it raw, and in smaller quantities it can also be applied to the skin as a moisturizing agent.

User manual

For frying, cooking, as an addition to eating.



Coconut oil deodorised (fat), odorless

BioLUX ecologically non-odorous coconut oil is refined, bleached (with no clay residue), deodorized coconut oil for anyone who wants a neutral odorless oil oil, which always contains useful coconut products. >